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Church Bulletin - November 10, 2007

Posted on Nov 08 2007






November 10, 2007

2007 1110






Location  地址

2120 South Stimson Avenue, Hacienda Heights


Mailing Address

P. O. Box 5026

Hacienda Heights, CA 91745




Pastoral Staff  牧師團隊

Pastor: Dr. Paul Cho 卓甫剩 牧師, 951-354-6886, Cell 626-217-5782



Youth Pastor: John Lou 劉廣漢 傳道, 909-612-4673, Cell 909-615-6326



Pastor’s Office Hours 辦公室時間

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Tel: 626-217-5782


Administrative Council 行政委員會

Daniel Choo (Chair), Paul Cho, Dominic Chu, John Lou,

Pete Lou, KinSeng Ng, Stiew Tan, Chok Wan


THE CHURCH AT STUDY 研經班    2:30 p.m.


Bible Study Classes 聖經研究

中文                                                                               先祖與先知                                                          教堂

English Adults                                                 For Better or For Worse                                       Sanctuary

English Youth                                                      Experiencing God                                     Mothers Room

Children Class                                                  Children Bible Story                                    Children Room





Welcome and Happy Sabbath! We are glad that you have chosen to worship with us.  Please join us for fellowship in the social hall immediately after the service.


IGNITING THE HOPE evangelistic series will continue tonight and tomorrow night at

7:00 p.m. God has truly blessed these meetings and all who came to listen to the message

of love. Your attendance and support are very important.


There will be a baptism tonight at 7:00 p,m. during the evangelistic meeting. We are very happy that the following candidates have expressed their desire to accept Jesus through baptism: Christy Leung, Fa Liang Zhang, Nian Jia Chan and Zheng Hwang Wu. There are several who want to join the church through profession by faith: Su Fan Hwang, Chi Yan Yao, and Ling Chi Chang.  Please pray for them as they begin this new journey with Christ. If you have not yet accepted Jesus through baptism and feel the calling of the Holy Spirit,

or if you have already been baptized but feel the call to be re-baptized, or if you are

already a Christian but would like to join the church by profession of faith, we encourage you to talk to the pastors.


Profession of Faith: We welcome Patricia Yue into our church family. She was anointed

by Pastor Cho two weeks ago. Pastor Cho and a few church leaders will visit her at her home tomorrow to officially welcome her into our church family.  Let’s continue to pray

for her recovery and for her family.


Please, if you feel impressed to, pray for these meetings at home and wherever you are. Pray for Pastor Cho, the leaders and all those participating in the meetings. The effectual, fervent prayer of righteous Christians avails much. (James 5:16). May each of you be blessed by the messages presented at these evangelistic meetings..


Tithes and Offerings: Please use the Offering envelopes that are available at the entrance.  Please write your check payable to: Hacienda Heights Chinese Adventist Fellowship (HHCAF).



1.  Circle of Prayer every Sabbath at 2:00 pm in Mothers’ Room.

2.  Choir Practice today at 6:00 p.m. Director George Hszieh.

3.  Monday @ 7:30 p.m. Bible Study at Dominic/Ruth Chu’s residence, 1509 Park

Lawn Road, HH, CA 91745. Contact Ruth Chu (626) 810-2170

4. Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m. Bible Study at Kathleen/Sam Wong’s residence, 12193

    Tunbridge Ct., Rancho Cucamonga. Contact Samuel Wong (909) 282-7447

5. Wednesday @3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Bible Study at Windsor Victoria Heights, Rowland Heights and Pomona Elderly Home, For information, contact Pastor Cho.


Next Sabbath (Nov 17, 2007):  Speaker:  Paul Cho

Presiding Officer: Samuel Wong              Interpreter: Mei-Mei Cho

Chorister: Dominic Chu                        Pianist/Organist: Enoch Hwang     

Ushers/Greeters: Stiew Tan, Sam Guo, Wen Ying Guo, Hedy Ganis






安息日快樂! 歡迎您參加我們的團契很高興您能與我們一起崇拜請告訴我們您的需要







接受耶穌作個人的救主: 梁霈鍶、張發亮、陳年嬌、武震寰、王靜枝。另有數位要憑信接受加






負責工作者、及每位參加佈道會的來賓代禱。雅各書5:16 說義人禱告所發的功效是大的,願



憑信接受: 余黃淑婷姊妹於兩週前由卓牧師為她抺油,接受福音,透過羅省華人教會的接受成為本會教友。明天卓牧師會與一些弟兄姐妹到她家中探訪並正式歡迎她加入本會。請繼續



什一及捐款奉獻信封擺放於入口處。支票抬頭請寫 HHCAF



1.   每安息日下午 2:00 – 2:25 在本堂有禱告小組。歡迎參加。

2.   本安息日下午六時正在教堂有詩班練習。指揮為span