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Prayer Requests - February 2008

Posted on Jan 31 2008

Hacienda Heights Chinese Adventist Fellowship

Prayer Requests

For January 2008


A.   For Church:

1.                 May God moved people’s hearts by receiving our church flyers and tracks

2.                  Community Service – target group for new immigrants from China.

3.             Small groups – out reach program, (Dominic Chu, Sam Wong, Andi Ganis,

                Victoria and Pomona elderly home)

4.            Young people outreach program

5.            Children ministry

6.            Outreach program after the evangelistic meetings

7.            10 newly baptized members


B. For Personal:


1.           Physical Health

a.           Pastor Sam Au

b.          Mrs. Nathaniel Yen

c.           Lucille Lu

d.          Kathy Chen

e.        Mrs. Nathaniel Yen

f.            Zhang Dan’s Mother – Mrs. Lee

g.          Elderly people – Mrs. Yeh, Mr. Fu, Mrs. Lee

h.          Pastor Fun Chun Mao's son

2.           New immigrants visa and work

3.           Sabbath keeping problem for our members.

4.        New visitors so they will continue to stay in our church

5.        Mr. Peter Yue whole family that they may become a Christian


C.  For Others


1.   Year 2008 church outreach projects

2.   Church work in China